July 24, 2020

Free job listings on PDG Jobs platform


We’re delighted to announce that today marks the official launch of the Perfect Daily Grind (PDG) job listings board, PDG Jobs.

PDG was founded in 2015 to deliver high-authority, relevant editorial content supported by real-life coffee knowledge. This philosophy has supported everything that the publication has grown to deliver in recent years, including organising the Producer & Roaster Forum

This is also true for PDG Jobs. The board supports coffee businesses to find professional candidates with the right experience and expertise. It exclusively lists jobs within the coffee sector, offering a specialist alternative to traditional job search sites.

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It’s a challenge for coffee businesses across the world to find candidates who are both experienced and passionate about coffee. PDG Jobs is exclusively for coffee businesses, and thanks to the reach of the publication, it is the perfect place to find informed coffee professionals.

All jobs posted on the board will also be promoted across our social media channels. As well as supporting the listings, these channels will also regularly post relevant content to support both candidates and employers.

PDG Jobs is driven by a desire to support organisations at every step of the supply chain. This means that the board doesn’t only host job posts for coffee shops or roasters. Typical job listings include sales representatives, green coffee buyers, sustainability managers, marketing directors, country managers, and more.

To further increase accessibility, the board is available in not one, not two, but three different languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The board will also benefit from the readership of the publication, which expects over 8.5 million page views in 2020. This means millions of unique website visitors every year. And just like the publication, the board has a global focus – our jobs team have previously worked with clients in Europe, North America, the Middle East and beyond. 

To support the platform’s launch, we will be offering free job listings for three full months, starting on August 1st. 

So, if you’re hiring for a role that you want to post on PDG Jobs, send us an email at jobs@perfectdailygrind.com to let us know that you’re interested. A member of our team will then respond with a form for you to fill out to get started.

While you’re waiting, you can also take a look at our social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Photo Credits: Thought Catalog, Elena Kloppenburg, Battlecreek Coffee Roasters, Unsplash