November 27, 2019

The Perfect Daily Grind Holiday Gift Guide 2019


Getting someone the perfect gift isn’t always easy. And with so many celebrations taking place in December, your shopping list is probably growing by the minute. If you work with, live with, or spend time with someone who loves coffee, we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a producer, home brewing enthusiast, or roaster – as there’s something for everyone in this year’s Gift Guide. Keep reading to see the products that have made our list for 2019.

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Have you done your festive season gift shopping yet? Credit: Ana Valencia 

Coffee Brewers And Brewing Tools

Who doesn’t love exploring new brewing methods or adding another gadget to their collection? Here are a few brewing devices guaranteed to take pride of place in any kitchen.

AeroPress Go

US $31.95, €28.99, £24.80

The AeroPress Go by AeroPress is designed to go everywhere. It’s smaller than the regular AeroPress but still features a filter cap, holder, stirrer, scoop, mug, and filters. For added convenience and space saving, the mug doubles as a container where you can store everything together.

With its lightweight design, you can brew delicious coffee anywhere you happen to be. Plus, you can also use it to cold brew coffee in a single serving in minutes.

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The AeroPress Go is perfect for brewing coffee on the road. Credit: Fernando Pocasangre

Manual Goods Coffeemaker Nº4

US $90, €81.67, £69.88

The limited edition Coffeemaker Nº4 from Manual Goods follows its predecessors, the Nº1 and Nº2. It’s been improved with the addition of a ceramic base. This provides a space for the carafe to sit, while anchoring the glass dome and catching errant drips of brewed coffee. 

If you want to manually prepare a pour over coffee with as little mess and fuss as possible, the elegantly designed Nº4 has you covered. It’s easy to use, and features measuring markings to ensure the correct brew ratio, every time. It also comes with cone and wave filters.

If you know someone this gift would be perfect for (or would like to get it for yourself), pre-order it today.

Coffee being brewed in the Coffeemaker Nº4. Credit: Manual Goods

The Ratio Six Coffee Maker 

US $345, €313.07, £267.87

The Ratio Six Coffee Maker by Ratio Coffee is the perfect gift for coffee lovers looking for a brewing machine combining simplicity and automation. 

Press one button and its die-cast aluminum heating element will let water flow evenly through its stainless steel head and over the coffee grounds – simulating the skills of a professional barista in the comfort of your home.

Place your pre-order today to reserve your own before it’s officially released in December.

The Ratio Six Coffee Maker brews coffee at the touch of a button. Credit: Ratio Coffee

ONA Coffee OCD: V3

US $129.91, €117.88, £100.86 

Just like its previous versions, the OCD: V3 from ONA Coffee helps baristas evenly distribute coffee grounds in a coffee basket for consistent extractions.

The new V3 comes with a static-reducing coating in its base to help prevent the build-up of coffee grinds, ensuring additional consistency. Plus, it also weighs 100g less than previous models. 

The OCD: V3 from ONA Coffee helps with consistent extractions. Credit: ONA Coffee

Acaia Pyxis Ultralight Weighing Scale

US $250, €226.85, £194.08

The Pyxis scale is the newest member of the Acaia family. It’s light, precise, and can weigh anything from 0.01 percent of a gram up to 500 grams. It’s also small and compact, making it easy to bring along when you’re travelling.

For added longevity, the Pyxis is made of aluminum and acrylic material, and its battery can last up to seven hours. It also comes with a carrying case, micro USB charging cable, and 100g calibration weight. 

The Acaia Pyxis Ultralight Weighing Scale is small enough to fit in your hand. Credit: Acaia

Baratza Virtuoso+ Grinder 

US $269, €244.10, £208.83

The Virtuoso+ coffee grinder from Baratza is equipped with a conical burr set and has 40 settings, making it easy to experiment with a wide range of brewing methods. It’s a good choice for anyone looking to expand their brewing techniques at home. 

This new edition features a 40-second digital timer that’s adjustable to a tenth of a second, for repeated dosing. It also has a LED-backlit grounds bin to help you dose your coffee grounds accurately. 

Order yours online from a variety of international or US retailers.

The new Baratza Virtuoso+ grinder has 40 different grind settings. Credit: Baratza

Cupping Spoons And Bowls

Whether you’re experimenting with coffee tasting or are a professional Q-Grader, you can never have too many cupping tools. Thankfully, 2019 has brought with it several innovative and functional products that fit the bill.

Umeshiso Cupping Spoons 

From US $4.50, €4.08, £3.49

These rainbow cupping spoons by Umeko Motoyoshi are a colorful and fun gift for the professional or amateur coffee cupper in your life. They were first conceptualized in 2018 as a way to disarm Umeko’s fears during her cupping sessions as a Q-Grader.

Big Dippers and Little Dippers can be purchased in a variety of colors, and if you order over 25 spoons, they can be engraved. 

The Big Dipper and Little Dipper rainbow cupping spoons by Umeshiso. Credit: Morgan Eckroth

Loveramics Modern Colour Changing Cupping Bowls 

From US $36.41, €33.07, £28,26

These color changing cupping bowls designed by Loveramics turn white when you pour water above 95ºC in them. The change in color helps cuppers to visually time their sessions, without having to use thermometers or actual timers. 

When four minutes have passed, the water will be around 70ºC and the vessel will turn light grey. At eight minutes, the water will be about 60ºC and the vessel will turn dark grey. Finally, when the water is around 55ºC or colder, it will turn black.

The Loveramics cupping bowls change colours at different temperatures. Credit: Loveramics

Gifts For Roasters

Keep the coffee roaster in your life up to date with the latest in equipment, as well as an experience that will help them connect with coffee producers in a meaningful way.

The Behmor 1600AB Plus

US $399, €362.08, £309.76 

This customizable drum coffee roaster from Behmor is perfect for home use, as it allows you to choose your own roast settings or opt for one of five pre-programmed heat profiles. It also features patent-pending smoke suppression technology for a better indoor roasting experience 

The1600AB Plus has a roasting drum that holds up to a pound of green coffee beans. Plus, it’s easy to use and clean. Find your nearest retailer here.

The Behmor 1600AB Plus can roast one pound of beans at a time. Credit: Behmor

Producer & Roaster Forum & Origin Experience

From US $575, €525, £447.96

The fourth edition of the Producer & Roaster Forum will take place Honduras in March 2020. Roasters are invited to attend, and gifting someone with a ticket means you’ll be helping them connect with over a thousand producers, as well as coffee professionals from over 50 countries.

For a truly unforgettable gift, purchase them an all-inclusive ticket that includes a three-day Origin Trip Experience. This will see them sleeping on (or near) a local coffee farm, with a small group of international roasters. With this package, the hosts will take care of the in-country transport, airport transfers, accommodation (for all four nights), and meals. They’ll also take care of the farm tours and the Producer & Roaster Forum entrance.

If you know (or are) a roaster who wants to participate in a meaningful forum that prioritizes sustainability, then you need to purchase a ticket. It’s a unique event that truly empowers coffee producers and puts them at the forefront – making it a gift that makes a difference.

Previous attendees of the previous three PRF events have come from all over the world. 

Gifts For Producers

Coffee producers are indispensable to the coffee supply chain. If you know someone with a coffee farm or work with a coffee producer, here are a few gifts that can help show them your appreciation.

AM Leonard’s Kelway Soil pH and Moisture Meter

From US $146.91, €132.59, £113.58 

There are many variables that can impact the success of a producer’s coffee production efforts. One of these variables is soil quality. With the Kelway Soil pH and Moisture Meter from AM Leonard, producers can measure the pH value and moisture level of their farm soil. 

It could help them detect problems such as excess water or detect possible negative effects of certain fertilizers they’re using.

This functional tool is pocket-sized, doesn’t use any chemicals, and operates without needing an electric power source. This makes it suitable for the lifestyles of most producers.

This soil and pH meter can conveniently fit in your pocket. Credit: AM Leonard

Victorinox Swiss Army Medium Pocket Knife with Altimeter

US $140, €127.05, £108.68 

Whether it’s for cutting a rope to fix a broken branch or opening a fruit to share with companions, a compact pocket knife can be very handy for life on a coffee farm.

This medium-sized pocket knife from Victorinox comes with twenty-eight features. It includes a timer, countdown timer, and altimeter. With the integrated altimeter, producers can know the exact altitude of every point in their farm. 

With 28 features, this pocket knife from Victorinox should prove handy for any producer. Credit: Victorinox 

Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Looking for a gift for that friend or family who’s known for their love of coffee? The following unusual items would certainly fit the bill. 

Finca San Lazaro: Origins 2020

From US$700, €635, £545

The San Lazaro Origins 2020 trip is the ideal gift for someone who’s always enjoyed coffee, and wants to increase their knowledge of where it comes from and how it gets to them. Coffee aficionados looking for an immersive cultural experience will find one here.

The trip will see guests travelling to a remote coffee-producing region in Honduras for three days. They’ll get to tour the coffee farm and get to know people who run it. There’ll be opportunities to pitch in with daily activities, spend time with the local community, and explore the nearby surroundings. 

Credit: San Lazaro Coffee 

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug 

US $30, €27.22, £23.28 

The Carter Everywhere mug promises to keep your coffee hot for up to twelve hours or cold for up to twenty four hours. It was engineered by Fellow to work with the most popular brewing methods, allowing you to brew directly into it. 

An added bonus is that its ceramic interior keeps your coffee free of odors, oils, and metal flavors that are often found with stainless steel mugs. 

The Carter Everywhere mug comes in three colors. Credit: Fellow Products

Department of Brewology Origin Rucksack

US $100, €90.75, £77.63

This rucksack from the Department of Brewology features a colorful print that depicts coffee branches filled with cherries and flowers. It can be used for origin trips, trade shows, educational courses or simply for running daily errands. 

It’s water-resistant, with a built-in padded laptop sleeve and multiple small storage compartments. It means you can use it whether you’re venturing off – or on – the beaten track.

The Origin Rucksack is perfect for work and play. Credit: Department of Brewology

Tens Hundreds Thousands Coffee Playing Cards

US $13.22, €12, £10.26

Tens Hundreds Thousands is a company that creates coffee-related products. They recently teamed up with Art Directors and Illustrators Jose Berrio and Julian Ardila to design this deck of cards. Each card portrays a scene in the life of a coffee producer, roaster, or barista.

These collectible poker-sized playing cards come in green and yellow. Keep in mind that they are a limited edition product, so they won’t be available for much longer!

Decks of coffee playing cards. Credit: Tens Hundreds Thousands

Onyx Coffee Lab’s Coffee Advent Calendar 

US $120, €108.87, £93.14

Enjoy a different single-origin coffee every day leading up to Christmas with Onyx Coffee Lab’s advent calendar. For each day, you’ll receive 56g of coffee. 

Every coffee portion is carefully flushed with nitrogen, ensuring it won’t oxidize and will be in good condition up until the very last day of your Christmas day countdown. Get yours here.

The Onyx Coffee Lab Advent Calendar box has a coffee for 24 days in December. Credit: Onyx Coffee Lab

Belift Coffee Beans

From $18, €16.33, £13.97

Based in San Francisco, Belift offers a range of coffees from Indonesia. By commercializing these coffees and partnering with Larkin Street Youth Services, they help at-risk youth while providing an income for Indonesian farmers. 

Belift Coffee Beans offers workshops and barista training to vulnerable San Francisco teenagers, so they can be offered employment opportunities afterwards.

Coffee bags from Belift Coffee Beans. Credit: Belift Coffee Beans

Enjoy a cup of coffee under your Christmas tree this year. Credit: Ana Valencia

As you can see, there are many great gift options for every coffee lover you know. Remember to keep an eye on shipping and delivery dates so that you don’t miss out on any of these offers. Then get shopping!

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Feature photo caption: The festive season and coffee go hand in hand. Feature photo credit: Ana Valencia

All pricing listed in this article was converted from US dollars to Euro and Pound currencies using the XE currency converter in November 2019. 

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