October 21, 2019

Producer & Roaster Forum Announces Values & Prioritises Impact


The Producer & Roaster Forum is one of the few coffee events in a producing country, and is designed to bring together roasters and farmers to facilitate long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. 

The Producer & Roaster Forum commits to having a positive impact on the coffee industry, and for this reason announces 11 values that will inform its events. Here’s what those values are and why attending is something you should prioritize for 2020. 

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Roasters and producers examine coffee plants at Finca Vizcaya, Guatemala, during Producer & Roaster Forum 2019. Credit: Producer & Roaster Forum

What Is The Producer & Roaster Forum?

The Producer & Roaster Forum, organised by Perfect Daily Grind, will take place on the 26th and 27th of March 2020 in Copán, Honduras. It will feature discussion panels, cuppings, educational talks, and workshops, and is expected to see over 1,000 producers and over 100 roasters attending. 

There will also be a three-day Origin Trip Experience for roasters, where they will be hosted by local producers, visit wet and dry mills, see the coffee farms, take part in cuppings, and more. 

The event is designed to facilitate the start of long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

It will provide producers with lasting benefits, including practical knowledge on how to improve their sales and gain market access in areas they usually can’t access directly. Roasters stand to benefit from learning from industry leaders in presentations and panels, gaining farm and mill knowledge, and cupping new coffees from local producers. 

Most events in the coffee industry focus on consuming countries and their needs and interests. The Producer & Roaster Forum aims to bridge this gap by bringing the event to the doorsteps of those operating in coffee-producing countries – with benefits for farmers and roasters of all sizes. Past events have been held in Brazil, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Honduras, the world’s fifth-largest producer of coffee by volume, is the country sponsor for 2020.

Henry Wilson, Founder of Perfect Daily Grind and Producer & Roaster Forum, says, “What separates the Producer & Roaster Forum from other industry events is the focus on transactions and generating market access for producers. With over 100 international roasters, from over 50 countries, expected to travel to Honduras, the priority is direct relationships.”

Karla Calidonio of Honduras’ national coffee association IHCAFÉ says, “We give the warmest welcome to Honduras. As sponsors of this new edition of Producer & Roaster Forum 2020, we are delighted to show you the best of our coffee production and our best coffee producers. We want to share with you what defines us as catrachos [Hondurans]. You will discover the origins of varieties such as Parainema, IHCAFE 90, and Lempira among others. Welcome to Honduras, King of coffee production in Central America.” 

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Cupping sessions at Producer & Roaster Forum 2019. Credit: Producer & Roaster Forum

Producer & Roaster Forum’s Values

These values are designed to shape the event and its evolution in years to come:

1. We put origin at the forefront. Every event is held in a coffee-producing country, helping shape the conversation around sustainability and ensuring that producers can attend.

2. We are inclusive. Producer & Roaster Forum is an event for all producers and roasters, and especially those who are traditionally excluded from the conversation. Through affordable pricing, sponsorship-funded scholarship schemes, and origin-based event locations, we make sure that everyone can attend.

3. We are world-leading. Not only is the Producer & Roaster Forum the first event of its kind, but we lead the way in market-access initiatives, in scholarship schemes, and more. We don’t just accept the status quo: we positively disrupt by looking for innovative mechanisms to ensure producers reach higher, sustainable prices.

4. We are relevant. We address the real issues facing the local communities, and provide the coffees and lectures that roasters really want.

5. We generate valuable relationships and sales for producers. We don’t just facilitate one-off sales of auction-winning lots (although yes, we do consider auctions). We also support farmers in commercialising all their coffee and building long-term direct relationships with roasters and buyers.

6. We foster knowledge-sharing and mentorship between roasters and roasters, producers and producers, and roasters and producers. When we all work together, the industry grows stronger.

7. We support the community. No two events are the same. Each one is built around the needs and unique characteristics of the specific country and region.

8. We bring all international markets together. We represent all coffee markets, bringing roasters not just from Western Europe and North America but also from the Middle East, Asia, and Eastern Europe and Africa.

9. We partner with people who support our mission. From hosts to sponsors, we work with companies with have a positive impact on the supply chain.

10. We are diverse. We commit to considering diversity when selecting the speakers to whom we give a platform, because industry-leading events should represent the real coffee community.

11. We listen. We pay attention to what the coffee community is talking to. We invite feedback. And we evolve. Our events represent what you want to learn about.

Roasters visit an apiary at a Producer & Roaster Forum host farm. Credit: Producer & Roaster Forum

Attend Producer & Roaster Forum 2020

100 roasters. 1,000 producers. 2 days of presentations, cuppings, and panels. And 3 days of farm visits.

You’ll learn from experts about the latest developments in the industry, participate in workshops designed to find solutions to pressing issues, network with producers and roasters, and cup hundreds of coffees.

You’ll leave with new contacts, new knowledge, and a new perspective on the specialty coffee industry.

Roasters can purchase tickets for the Producer & Roaster Forum and Origin Trip Experience here. Honduran producers and citizens can purchase theirs here, while producers outside of Honduras can purchase theirs here.

Whether you’re a first time attendee or Producer & Roaster Forum veteran, we look forward to seeing you there.

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Feature photo: producers and roasters visit the San Miguel coffee farm during Producer & Roaster Forum 2019. Feature photo credit: Producer & Roaster Forum

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