October 30, 2019

Become a Speaker & Share Your Insights at Producer & Roaster Forum 2020


Producer & Roaster Forum is an annual event taking place in a coffee-producing country, aimed at connecting producers and roasters who plant, harvest, and roast coffees at the source, and abroad. 

Next year’s event in Honduras will be the biggest held to date, and event organisers Perfect Daily Grind are inviting applications for speakers to ensure attendees will be presented with diverse and well-informed talks, panel discussions, and workshops.

If you think you could be one of these speakers, then we would like to hear from you. Here’s what the event is all about, what being a speaker will entail, and how to apply. 

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Attendees of Producer & Roaster Forum 2016 in El Manzano (Cuatro M), El Salvador. Credit: Producer & Roaster Forum

Producer & Roaster Forum: The Details

Producer & Roaster Forum 2020 will take place on the 26th and 27th of March 2020 in Copán, Honduras. The event attracts coffee professionals from all over the world with expert-led discussion panels, educational talks, informative workshops, and an optional three-day Origin Trip Experience to visit producers’ farms and their mills. 

Attendees will benefit from practical advice on improving their sales and gaining more international market access, while also bettering their knowledge on best practices for roasting, farming, and selling coffee at all points in the supply chain. 

Past events have been beneficial for attendees, with last year’s event taking place in Guatemala. According to attendee and coffee producer Job González, Producer & Roaster Forum gives “producers the opportunity to build direct relationships to trade their coffee… it’s a great and unique opportunity to meet and interact with the people who trade our products in different consuming countries, as well as an opportunity to learn more about what they need from our coffee.”

Maurizio Giuli, Director of Marketing at Simonelli Group and previous Producer & Roaster Forum attendee, believes that the event “offers a unique opportunity for the attendees to understand new trends, new opportunities, as well as the potential threats of the sector.” 

Producer & Roaster Forum doesn’t just benefit those in attendance. Speakers who make an appearance can look forward to sharing their knowledge and expertise with a diverse range of producers and roasters. They’ll also be able to build their personal brand further, and network with coffee professionals in their industry. 

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Ana Lucrecia Glaesel, Anacafe’s Marketing & Communications Manager, speaking at Producer & Roaster Forum 2019. Credit: Fernando Pocasangre

What Kind of Speakers Should Apply?

Previous editions of Producer & Roaster Forum have provided a platform for world-leading speakers and industry leaders, and some guest speakers have already been confirmed.

Any coffee professional is welcome to apply to become a speaker, provided they can offer something that will benefit, inspire, educate, and motivate producers and roasters – or impact the coffee supply chain in general. Roasters are encouraged to apply, as their insights as buyers will be valuable to producers.

It’s the perfect place to share your experience and research into any coffee-related specialisation, which could include:

  • Local perspectives
  • The cost of coffee production
  • Crop diversification
  • The coffee price crisis
  • Pricing green beans
  • Managing buyers’ expectations as a green bean producer
  • Trends in coffee and beverage consumption
  • Dealing with emerging markets

Speakers must have a minimum of five years of experience in their respective fields, as well as experience in public speaking. 

Past attendees of Producer & Roaster Forum have come from countries all over the world. Credit: Producer & Roaster Forum

How to Submit an Application

With 2020 just a few short months away, Producer & Roaster Forum is accepting applications for speakers until 31st December 2019. To apply, complete this Speaker Application Form.

If your application is successful, we’ll let you know within one week of receiving it, after which you’ll be required to submit a short biography and photo.

If you are selected as a speaker, Producer & Roaster Forum will cover your accommodation, meals, and transport for the duration of the event in Honduras. Should you require a translator or presentation equipment or your speech, this will also be provided. 

If you’re interested in attending the event in a personal capacity, you can get your ticket for Producer & Roaster Forum here if you’re a Honduran citizen. If you’re an international roaster, you can purchase your tickets for the Producer & Roaster Forum and additional Origin Trip Experience here, which will take place three days before the event. 

Producer & Roaster Forum is an event that benefits all involved. Whether you want to present a speech or attend as a guest, you’ll improve your knowledge and understanding of the coffee industry, and all those who participate in its supply chain.

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Feature photo: Maria Pavani and Osamah Alawwam discuss the Middle Eastern coffee industry at Producer & Roaster Forum 2019. Feature photo credit: Producer & Roaster Forum

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