April 10, 2019

Producer & Roaster Forum: The Mayorga Scholarship


Many coffee producers are limited from accessing education and industry events by lack of funds or logistics. Because we believe that great coffee begins at origin and that the industry has a responsibility to support small-scale producers, we’re pleased to announce the Mayorga Scholarship.

Through the assistance of Mayorga Organics, 30 Guatemalan producers will receive free entry to the Producer & Roaster Forum on May 23rd and 24th in Guatemala City, as well as food and accommodation for the duration of their stay.

The 2019 Producer & Roaster Forum will host 500 producers and 75 international guests, including roasters from across the globe. The forum will feature lectures from industry experts, workshops on topics including coffee pricing and gender equity, and the world’s first coffee blockchain auction, in partnership with Yave and Guatemalan Coffees. Roasters are encouraged to sign up to the blockchain auction by May 24th to access specialty micro lots 85+ from across Guatemala.

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Bags of coffee beans. Credit: Mayorga Organics

Why Is The Mayorga Scholarship Needed?

Small-scale coffee producers are often unable to attend industry events due to the expense of tickets, accommodation, and time away from their farms. The Mayorga Scholarship aims to reduce these barriers and provide an opportunity for Guatemalan producers to share knowledge with each other and other industry players.

The scholarship will enable producers to connect with roasters, exporters, and buyers from both Guatemala and across the globe. They will have an opportunity to share knowledge and gain market access. We believe that this will strengthen relationships and increase transparency in the supply chain.

Martin Mayorga is the founder and president of Mayorga Organics. He says, “Though they are the most relevant members of our supply chain in terms of true sustainability, producers have historically been marginalized and taken advantage of by those making the lion’s share of profits. It’s time we treat producers with the respect they deserve and engage with them like the experts they are.”

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Packing coffee beans in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Credit: Mayorga Organics

What Does The Scholarship Cover & Who Can Apply?

Mayorga Organics has committed to cover the cost of food and accommodation, as well as entry to the event, for 15 producers. Before attending, recipients will be asked what they want to learn about and their aims at the forum, in order to tailor their experience and provide a meaningful and practical experience.

Successful applicants will receive entry to the event on May 23rd and 24th. Their accommodation will be provided for May 22nd and 23rd and meals will be provided throughout their attendance. At the event, the producers will be accompanied by an organizer representative, who will facilitate meetings with relevant industry experts.

Any coffee producer based in Guatemala who produces less than 200 quintales is eligible to apply. To be considered, please complete this form. Applications will be evaluated on the responses to three simple questions with the aim of providing the scholarship to those who will benefit most from the opportunity. Successful applicants will be informed by May 1st, 2019.

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Feature image caption: A worker picks coffee cherries at La Hermosa Cooperative, Guatemala. Feature image credit: Mayorga Organics