November 1, 2018

Producer & Roaster Forum + Blockchain Auction Announced For 2019


Are you looking to build valuable business partnerships? Discuss the latest issues and innovations in the coffee industry? Cup and purchase exceptional coffees, including experimentally processed ones?

In partnership with Guatemalan Coffees, we’re pleased to announce that the next Producer & Roaster Forum will be held in Guatemala on the 23rd and 24th of May 2019.

The event has been rebranded from the PDG Micro Coffee Festival due to its growth, and also to better reflect its focus on connecting producers and roasters.

Moreover, at the 2019 Producer & Roaster Forum,  the world’s first coffee blockchain auction, will be launched in partnership with Yave and Guatemalan Coffees . The auction is anticipated to offer: faster payment for farmers, immutable traceability, and unprecedented market access breakthroughs.

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Roasters at the Producer & Roaster Forum 2016

Guatemala: A Leading Coffee Origin

Guatemalan Coffees’ progressive, forward-thinking outlook makes them a perfect partner for this event. 

With over 125,000 producers and eight distinct growing regions, Guatemala offers considerable cup variety. Within each region, there are numerous varieties and terroirs. Young, innovative producers are taking advantage of the 300+ microclimates across the country and experimenting with exotic, honey, and natural coffee processing, in addition to the washed processing Guatemala is famous for.

98% of Guatemala’s coffee is also shade-grown, as part of the country’s ongoing investment in sustainable agriculture.

Moreover, in recent discussions over the crashing international market price for coffee (the C price), Guatemala’s national coffee association Anacafé has been a major voice. Anacafé’s President, Ricardo Arenas Menes, told Reuters, “Our people are starving. The price (buyers) are paying for coffee today is less than the price they were paying 30 years ago.”

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Ana Lucrecia Glaesel, Anacafe’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator, says, “As the representatives of a coffee-producing country, we’ve always worked to position Guatemala as a world-leading origin.

“Hosting events like the Producer & Roaster Forum will provide added value to our coffee producers and will give roasters from across the globe a more complete overview of what Guatemala has to offer as an origin country. Moreover, it will generate a more transparent and direct relationship between buyers and producers.”

View from a coffee farm in Guatemala. Credit: Julio Guevara

Producer & Roaster Forum 2019: The Event Details

2019 marks the third festival from Perfect Daily Grind; previous events took place in El Salvador in 2016 and Brazil in 2017.

The event will be held at Anacafe headquarters. 500 producers and 50 international guests are anticipated to attend, including numerous roasters from across the globe.

The forum will feature:

  • Lectures from world-leading authorities on topics including international consumption trends, green bean purchasing and decision-making for roasters, post-harvest processing, and more
  • Workshops on topics such as coffee pricing issues and gender equity
  • Panels related to the European, Australian, Asian, and North American markets
  • Cuppings of Guatemalan and international coffees
  • Blockchain coffee auction & pre-auction cupping
  • Networking activities
  • Latte art throwdown

Presenter applications are currently under review, with diversity and producer value being key considerations. Moreover, a strategy is being built to ensure accessibility for low-income producers.

Coffee cupping at the 2017 festival in Brazil

The Origin Trip and Producer & Roaster Forum: GBP £200 (5 days)

There are spaces for up to 50 international roasters to attend the two-day forum and an additional three-day origin experience.

During the three days prior to the forum, attendees will have the opportunity to be hosted on a coffee farm by some of Guatemala’s leading producers. This will allow them to go on farm tours, cup coffees, build strong relationships, visit nurseries, and share knowledge with hosts.

The fee includes entrance for the two-day forum, five days of accommodation, transport to and from the accommodation and event from the local airport/station, food, and drinks. We recommend arriving in Guatemala on the 20th and leaving on the 25th.

INTERNATIONAL GUESTS: Learn more and purchase tickets here!

Tickets For National Guests:  GBP £60 (2 days)

500 tickets will be reserved for Guatemalans who wish to attend the event. This will give attendees the opportunity to network with international roasters and buyers, build valuable partnerships, and learn from industry leaders across the globe.

The GBP £60 event fee includes entrance to all activities in the two-day forum, networking opportunities and more.

NATIONAL GUESTS: learn more and purchase tickets here!

Scott and Ivonne at a coffee farm in Guatemala

Yave founder Scott Tupper and Ivonne Herrera at Finca Las Parásitas. Credit: Yave

The World’s First Coffee Blockchain Auction

Yave and Guatemalan Coffees will also be hosting an online blockchain auction for 20 lots. This will include honey, washed, and natural processed coffees. All Guatemalan producers will be invited to participate and submit a lot free of charge, and the final lots will be narrowed down after multiple rounds of cupping with both national and finally international judges.

The auction will take place on the morning of the 24th of May.

Roasters unable to attend the Producer & Roaster Forum in person can register online in order to receive cupping kits and bid virtually. Similarly, roasters attending the forum are not obliged to bid.


What Is Blockchain? & Do You Need Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin?

First of all, no, you don’t need cryptocurrency or bitcoin to purchase a coffee with blockchain.

Yave’s coffee contract platform uses blockchain technology to verify equitable coffee purchasing from farm to cup.  The blockchain platform enables equitable price discovery to occur in an online marketplace, disintermediating the commodity market and enabling better business between value-added stakeholders in the supply chain.

Yave’s blockchain platform has been specifically chosen for this auction since it will offer:

  • Immutable producer-to-consumer traceability and transparency via a decentralized, locked ledger
  • Lower auction fees for producers thanks to Yave’s blockchain architecture via built-in upstream and downstream reporting and standardization of smart contracts.
  • Faster payment to producers
  • A stronger negotiating position for producers by providing them with verifiable details of how much their coffee is worth and all stages of the supply chain

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As Alejandro Molina, Anacafe’s Market Access and Sustainability Specialist, says, “Guatemalan Coffees and Anacafé recognize how technology like blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the coffee industry.

“Not only will it improve transparency but, more importantly, it will radically change how a coffee producer is able to receive a better and quicker return on their investment, their crop. We see smallholder farmers as the biggest winners in this situation since they will be able to get their product to market quicker.”

Want to sign up for the 2019 Producer & Roaster Forum? Buy your ticket here!