June 11, 2018

Play The World Cup Football Pool – & Support Coffee Communities!


Love football (almost) as much as you love coffee? Can’t wait for the FIFA World Cup to kick off? Like the idea of winning money and helping children to enjoy a game of footie?

Take part in the Caravela Coffee and Perfect Daily Grind Russia World Cup Football Pool!

A boy and his ball in a street in Colombia. Credit: One World Play Project

The Game

Playing is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up and contribute US $10.
  2. Guess the scores of all the games in the FIFA World Cup.
  3. Potentially walk away with 50% of the pool – with the other 50% being used to purchase and distribute unpoppable One World Futbols to children in more than 100 coffee-producing communities across Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Yes, that’s right – you could win big, give back to coffee-producing communities, and get the fun of not just watching the biggest sporting event of the summer (if you ask us), but also taking part in your very own tournament.

Sound fun? Sign up here!

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Playing a game with a One World Futbol. Credit: Caravela

The Scoring

For every match, you can change your predicted score up to 15 minutes before kick-off. After that point, your prediction is fixed.

In the group phase, the scores at the end of the game are used for the calculation of the scores. For final rounds, the score at the end of the game including extra time is used. Goals in a penalty shoot-out are not taken into consideration.

There are several different scores that can help you win this pool:

  • Toto Score: You get points for predicting the correct winner of the match or prediction of a draw
  • Full Score: If you predict the winner AND the exact amount of goals scored by each team, you get extra points
  • Goal Bonus: You win this if you get the goals correct, even if you didn’t correctly guess the match result (e.g., if the match ends in 1-1 and you predicted 0-1, you will still get points)
  • Goal Difference Bonus: If you predict the correct winner and not the exact score, but you predicted the correct difference in he goals, you get the goal difference bonus (e.g. the result is 2-0 but you predicted 3-1 or 4-2)

The first match, Russia vs Saudi Arabia, kicks off on the 14th of June. Remember, you have to sign up, pay, and submit your first prediction at least 15 minutes before it begins.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to play!

Perfect Daily Grind

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