September 13, 2017

Niche Zero Grinder Offers Almost Zero Retention


Niche Zero is a new coffee grinder that’s designed to disrupt the prosumer market – and it may well succeed. It offers professional-quality grinding at consumer prices (early bird items are selling for £350 on Indiegogo). It boasts almost zero retention, high-quality burrs, durability, and ease of use. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in just four days, Niche Coffee beat their crowdfunding goal.

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Niche grinder

The Niche Zero grinder on the brew bar, ready for action. Credit: Niche Coffee

The Niche Zero: High-Tech, Low-Cost

Sitting at just 31cm tall, the Niche Zero is small, lightweight, and well-suited to the kitchen counter. It makes just  72dB of noise, making it home-friendly. Equally, at £350 on Indiegogo/£499 RRP, it’s affordably priced for the specialty coffee market.

The price and weight, however, belie the quality. In fact, in an independent review, Dave Corby wrote that it had the “grind quality of a £1,200 grinder”.

It has premium-grade hardened steel 63mm conical burrs and an independently verified consistency of less than +/- 0.2g of grind across different coffees and roast levels. What’s more, Niche Coffee say they have “virtually eliminated” static and the grinder has a grind speed of 1.5g/s fine (espresso), 1.8g/s medium (Chemex), and 2.1g/s coarse (French press).

It was designed by CEO and Designer Martin Nicholson, who has worked with the likes of Kenwood, Phillips, Braun,
Tefal, Bombay Sapphire, Anglepoise, Airbus, Russell Hobbs, AEG, Dualit, Sanyo, Sunbeam, and more. In a press release, he says, “Having worked in the industry for 30 years, I wanted to design and produce a revolutionary coffee product… Our revolutionary Niche Zero Grinder retains virtually zero grind, guaranteeing you the freshest possible coffee. We have designed a coffee bean grinder that is better looking, reduces waste and is quieter and easier to use.”

Niche Zero espresso

The Views of The Pros

When the Niche Zero was first announced, it was met with skepticism from many. Was it really possible to create zero retention in an affordable countertop grinder?

Niche Coffee reached out to well-respected reviewer Dave Corby, who independently reviewed the Niche Zero based on two weeks’ of hard use. Impressed by the grind quality, dose consistency, durability, and affordability, he finishes his 17-page review by stating, “The Niche Zero is what we might describe in car terms as a ‘sleeper’. This is a car with very high performance and an unassuming exterior. In terms of grind quality, I personally believe that the Niche will absolutely blow away any grinder up to £800 and totally match any grinder of £1200 and possibly beyond!”

In particular, he emphasises the dose consistency: “I see the consistency of the dose and I still can’t quite believe it’s such a small variance, put 20g in get 19.90 out or put 11.11g in and get 10.99 out.”

Niche grinder AeroPress

The Niche Zero is used to make an AeroPress coffee. Credit: Niche Coffee

Indiegogo Success

The Indiegogo campaign has already surpassed its £50,000 goal, mere days after launching. They offer postage to the EU, US, and Australia, and the early bird and early bird plus prices are £350 and £400 respectively.

Want to snap one up for yourself? Niche Coffee have released additional early-bird perks to meet the unanticipated demand, but you’ll want to act quickly.

Feature photo credit: Niche Coffee

Please note: This article has been sponsored by Niche Coffee.  

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