August 10, 2017

SCA Launches Avance, New Sustainability Conference


News just broke that the SCA is launching a new type of coffee conference – a sustainability one. And what’s more, it’s focused on production rather than consumption.

Avance, a New Sustainability Conference

In a press release from the SCA, Kim Elena Ionescu, Chief Sustainability Officer for the SCA, writes, “Avance is special in many ways, but there are two features that most clearly set it apart from other SCA events: it is our first sustainability-focused conference, and our first conference that will be held in a coffee-producing region.”

This focus on production is a growing trend in the coffee industry, from the first World Coffee Producers Forum last month to Perfect Daily Grind’s own Micro Coffee Festivals, which were launched last year.

The progamme is already live on the Avance website, with 6 plenary discussions on 3 topics: Farm Profitability, Farm Workers and Labor Scarcity, and Climate Change. All three are critical issues within the coffee industry right now.

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According to the SCA press release, attendees will include business representatives from producing countries, producers, development practitioners, and public officials from coffee-producing countries.

The inaugural event will be held on the 11th and 12th of October this year at the headquaters of Anacafé, Guatemala’s antional coffee association. SCA state it will have “a focus on the Central American context”.

Signficantly, the event’s name is Spanish rather than English: avance, meaning “to advance” or “an advance”.  We look forward to seeing how it advances the industry and supports a more equitable value chain.

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Featured image by Collaborative Coffee Source

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