May 4, 2017

Light, Medium, & Dark Roasted Coffee: What’s The Difference?


You pick up a bag of fresh coffee, and you notice that on the front it says “medium-light roast” – but what does this mean? And why is roast level important? Find out in today’s curated video article.

What Do Light, Medium, & Dark Roasted Coffees Taste Like?

The roast profile has a crucial impact on how your coffee tastes. In this video from Hawaii Visitor, Lion Coffee Roasters takes us through the basic differences between light, medium, and dark roasts. They explain that light roasts have the brightest, most acidic flavours, while medium ones are more balanced and smooth. And dark roasts? That’s when you really taste the roasting rather than the coffee’s origin.

Watch the video to find out more.

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What Do Different Roast Profiles Look Like?

So that’s what different roasts taste like – but let’s look at this in a little more detail. We’ve shared this amazing video from Sweet Maria’s before, and we believe it’s worth looking at again. It’ll show you exactly what your City, City +, and Vienna roasts look like, and explain the differences between them.

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How Do Dark Roasts Affect Coffee Equipment?

Roast profiles don’t just affect the coffee’s flavour profile, however. The darker the roast, the oilier it becomes – and this can cause issues for some coffee machines and grinders. Find out more in this short video from Seattle Coffee Gear.

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Feature photo credit: Seattle Coffee Gear

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