May 5, 2017

A VIDEO Guide to The Walkure Brewer


Love clean, aromatic, full-bodied coffee? Then you might want to try the Walkure. This porcelain German brewer is easy to use, doesn’t require extra filters (making it environmentally-friendly), and is known for its distinctive effect on the cup.

But what makes it so good, and how do you brew with it? Find out in our curated video guide.

Introducing The Walkure Brewer

As this video from Prima Coffee explains, one of the Walkure’s most distinctive attributes is its ceramic dispersion plate. With 6 holes, it distributes water evenly regardless of your kettle or pour pattern – something we’re more used to seeing in batch brewers than pour overs. Find out more in this video:

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Brewing With The Walkure

If you’re looking for more in-depth instructions on how to brew with the Walkure, look no further than this brewing guide – again from Prima Coffee. From the grind size to the brew time, it explains it all.

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Happy brewing!

Feature photo credit: Prima Coffee

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