April 26, 2017

VIDEO: What Is Washed Coffee Processing?


Washed coffee processing: it’s renowned for producing an exceptionally clean profile, and often used for specialty-grade coffees. But what is it? And how do producers washed process coffee? Find out the answers to all these questions in today’s curated video guide.

What Is Washed Processing?

Coffee 101: coffee “beans” are the seeds of coffee cherries (which, just to be confusing, are actually berries and not cherries). Processing is the removal of the flesh of the fruit from the beans – something that’s much harder than it sounds.

The main types of processing are washed, natural/dry, and honey – but there are also many other experimental methods. Now let’s have a look at how washed processing is done.

How to Washed Process Coffee

This 5-minute video takes us through the coffee’s journey, from pulping to bagging, at a large washing station in India.

It’s worth noting that there are alternative processing and drying options – some producers like to experiment with fermentation, for example. Others will dry their coffee on raised beds or in mechanical pulpers instead of on patios. However, this video demonstrates the basic stages of a common processing method.

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Want to see the pulping process in more detail? Or learn more about that fermentation we mentioned above? Check out this video from Jennifer of Behind the Beans.

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