April 6, 2017

VIDEO: The Blind Roaster Relying on Sound & Smell Alone


Imagine roasting a coffee to a medium profile for the first time. Now imagine doing that without looking at the colour of the beans. Difficult? Maybe. Impossible? Absolutely not. Gerry Leary, who roasts his café’s coffee in house, judges his roasts based on sound and smell alone. He has to, because he’s blind from birth.

The Importance of Smell & Sound for Roasting

For Gerry, sight is unnecessary: he listens to the sounds of the beans, and he smells the developing aromas, to understand the development of his roasts. Every sense is a tool that can add value – in fact, in 2014 Gerry began offering blind tastings to help people use their smell, sound, and taste more.

Find out more in this 2013 video from Dark Rye:

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Feature photo credit: Dark Rye

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