April 27, 2017

The Science Behind Coffee Roasting in Just 150 Seconds


Ever wondered what’s actually happening during coffee roasting? Well, today’s curated video article is about to explain it all – and in just 150 seconds.

Coffee Roasting Science Made Easy

Amber from Seattle Coffee Gear takes us through the science behind this magical phase. The chemical changes explain everything from how sugars and aromas develop during roasting to what causes the first and second cracks.

But while roaster science can be intimidating to jump into, Amber breaks it down and makes it simple. Ever been confused by the role of endothermic and exothermic phases? What a pyrolytic reaction is? Or the difference between volatile and non-volatile compounds? Don’t worry – it’s all about to become clear.

So if you want to discover why your roasted coffee beans look, smell, and taste the way they do, watch on:

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