April 12, 2017

Smart Coffee Roaster Comes to The US


Smart coffee roasting has been around since 2007 – if you live in Korea. Stronghold debuted the world’s smart roaster a decade ago in the East Asian country, eight years before we saw smart roasting tech in Europe and the Americas.

And next week, the company is bringing their latest model, complete with new smart features, to the US. They will launch it at the SCA Expo, Seattle(See our Events Calendar for more events like this.) 

Read on to discover what smart roasting offers – and the impact the company hopes to have on the US coffee scene.

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Stronghold S7 Smart Roaster on café counter

Smart Roaster Technology

Stronghold’s roasters allow users to choose the level of control they want over the roast. Beginner roasters can simply select a coffee region, such as “East Timor”, and the machine will operate using a preset roast profile. Manual mode, however, allows users to control every variable.

While this is is also possible with other home/prosumer roasters, smart technology offers one additional bonus: Auto Regulation. The latest Smartware roaster, the S7 Pro, can record user roast profiles for easy repeatability. Simply choose the profile you established previously, and the machine will begin.

Smart Roasters & The US Coffee Scene

“We believe S7 Pro will ignite a ‘micro-roastery’ boom in the U.S. market,” says CEO Jason Woo. “Starting with S7 Pro, which can roast 850g maximum per batch, Stronghold plans to introduce bigger size smart roasters in the near

It’s true that the preset roasters and smart tech of the Stronghold roaster series makes roasting accessible. Will Woo’s vision come true? Time will tell.

Feature photo credit: Stronghold

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