April 14, 2017

New World Coffee Roasting Championship Rules Announced


This December, roasters all over the world will compete for the coveted title of World Coffee Roasters Champion (WCRC) in Guangzhou, China. And World Coffee Events (WCE) have just announced the 2017 rules for the championship.

So what’s changed? Here’s a brief summary of the key amendments – for greater detail, see the official rules on the WCE website.

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More Clarity Over What The Judges Are Looking For

The rules contain a new explanation of what skills the Roasting Champion will display. To quote the new documentation, the winner is the one who:

A. Produces the best quality roast with the coffee provided.
B. Ability to evaluate green and roasted coffee.
C. Demonstrates the ability to use and master roasting equipment
D. Ability to develop the roast to meet the planned taste.
Ability to accurately describe the final roasted product as defined in their roast plan

It also includes greater explanation of the scoresheet, defining attributes such as “flavour“, “acidity“, “aftertaste”, “body”, “sweetness“, and more. Additionally, it mandates on when to present defective beans (including Quakers).

And, for the judges, it dictates the cupping procedure in more detail, providing specific time limits for each stage.

More Flexibility Over Roasters & Roasting Competition Format

This year, WCE have removed the requirement that roasters are “solid drum propane-fueled roasters”. They’ve also specified that they must be manually operated, perhaps reflecting the rise in smart roasters.

They have also provided an “alternative roasting competition format” for national bodies. The 2–3 day programme follows sample roasting off-site, and grants national organisations the ability to choose the format that best suits their country.

We’re excited to see the development of the WCRC rules, which will guide competing roasters into performing at their best. What’s more, we’re sure that the greater definition of roast terminology will have a positive trickle-down effect throughout the entire industry.

But remember, this is just a brief summary – if you’re competing, make sure to read the full set of rules in detail.

Feature photo credit: World Coffee Roasters Championship

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