April 28, 2017

Espresso-Making Skills: What’s Pre-Infusion?


Pre-infusion isn’t just for manual brewing. It’s also used by some people for making espresso. But what is it? Why would you use it? And how can you do it? Find out in today’s curated video article.

What’s Pre-Infusion?

Pre-infusion is a big topic, but there’s no need to jump straight in with the technical details. Instead, check out this basic guide to pre-infusion from Guide2Coffee:

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A Detailed Explanation

Looking for something a little more in depth? In this video from Seattle Coffee Gear, Bill Crossland gives a comprehensive explanation of why you might want to pre-infuse, why you might not want to pre-infuse, and how it will affect your recipe development. Time to start experimenting!

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How to Pre-Infuse

Finally, Whole Latte Love provide this basic guide to pre-infusing coffee on an E61 Brew Group – and how that varies depending on whether you’re using a water tank or the machine is plugged into your plumbing.

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Feature photo credit: Whole Latte Love

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