April 7, 2017

Chewable Coffee? Fad Proves Coffee Is More Than a Caffeine Fix


Could you ever replace your morning coffee with a sugar-dusted coffee candy? One company believes you can: they’ve produced Go Cubes, “chewable coffee” with added vitamins and cognitive enhancers.

But coffee is so much more than just caffeine.

Chewable Coffee: What & Why?

Go Cubes come in three flavours – drip, latte, and mocha – and each one is considered the equivalent of half a cup of coffee. They’re designed for people desperate for caffeine, but without the time to make and drink their coffee.

Watch as, in this BuzzFeed video, people try using them for a week. By the end of the clip, we’ve never been so grateful for our coffee.

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Feature photo credit: BuzzFeed via YouTube

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