April 24, 2017

Barista Excellence: How to Stay in Love With Coffee


As a barista, you have a rare opportunity: to work in a job you love. I may be biased, but I believe there’s no more exciting or inspirational industry than coffee.

But, on occasion, you can start to feel a bit… tired. Tired of difficult customers. Tired of making the same drinks day-in day-out.

So when you’re starting to fall out of love with your job, how can you rekindle your spark? By remembering these four things.

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Smiling barista with Chemex

Coffee should be fun! Credit: Kolase.coffee via Man Make Coffee

1. Know Your Purpose

Having purpose in all that you do in life is so important – and coffee is no exception to that. Fortunately, being a barista gives you many opportunities to find a purpose.

Maybe your purpose is to make your customers’ day that little bit better. Knowing that you’re doing something good for others is a wonderful feeling. It’ll motivate you to become the best barista you can be.

Or perhaps you want to help people understand the story behind the cup: why each coffee is unique, how hard producers work, and what impact consumers can have on millions of people around the world – just by buying a coffee.

Or is your goal career progression? You might want to open your coffee shop, work as a barista trainer, or become a roaster. You might even dream of winning coffee championships.

Working out your purpose isn’t always easy, but trust me, you’ll find it. And whatever your ultimate coffee goal is, with perseverance and passion, you can achieve it!

Barista uses lever espresso machine

Find your purpose – and live for it. Credit: Irfan Luthfi via Man Make Coffee

2. Share Your Passion

True passion for coffee is contagious. When you express it, you inspire everyone you come into contact with. And the magical thing is that when you inspire other people, they also inspire you. Seeing someone wake up to wonders of coffee makes you remember why you love it so much.

So every time you get behind a machine, or stand up to talk about coffee, remember to share your passion. Enjoy these moments and help others enjoy them too.

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3. Seek Adventure

There’s a reason they say love is an adventure.

So if you want to stay in love with coffee, seek wild and wonderful coffee adventures. Go on trips to coffee farms. Try new coffee shops. Experiment with unusual brewing methods.

Looking for inspiration? I often find it by seeing other people’s adventures on social media. But remember, everyone’s definition of adventure is different. For some, it’s brewing an AeroPress in the middle of a forest. For others, it’s visiting cafés in different countries, or trying new coffees.

There’s plenty of adventure to be had in the coffee industry – so get out there and find yours.

Two laughing women drink coffee in a forest

Find new coffee adventures. Credit: Kirsty Carlson via Man Make Coffee

4. Keep It Fun

Coffee is more than my job – it’s my identity. I wake up in the morning excited to start working towards my purpose, experiencing coffee adventures, and sharing my passion with others.

And I wouldn’t do that if coffee wasn’t fun. Yes, I am serious at times – I have a job to do. As a barista, I’m responsible for delivering the best coffee I can and constantly improving. And as a barista trainer, I’m responsible for also helping others to reach their goals.

But I also find fun in my daily work. Remember to always find moments to laugh, drink coffee with people who make you happy, and enjoy your life as a coffee professional.

Because there’s nothing better in life then doing what you love and loving what you do.

Feature photo credit: Home Thods, CC BY 2.0

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