March 7, 2017

Why Is Milk & Coffee Such a Great Combination?


Coffee beans, water, and milk. Put them together and you have the latte, the cappuccino, the flat white, the macchiato, the cortado/gibraltar… I could go on, but you get the point: milk and coffee is a great combination. (Nearly) everyone loves it.

But why? What’s so special about milk?

Why Is Milk & Coffee The Perfect Combination?

Amber from Seattle Coffee Gear takes a quick look at the science behind milk and why it has such a great impact on coffee. She follows up with advice for making milk-based coffees. Which milk should you use for steaming and latte art? What’s the difference behind whole and skimmed? Find out in this short-and-sweet video.

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What About Alternative Milks?

A large portion of the world’s population are lactose intolerant, but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on a latte. Alternative milks include soy, rice, nuts, hemp, and more. These milks tend to make pouring good latte art a challenge, meaning baristas tend to dislike using them. However, for customers who can’t drink dairy, these milks are vital.

If you’re interested in making some yourself, Gemma Stafford provides a recipe for three nut-based milks: almond, cashew, and coconut.

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