March 21, 2017

VIDEO: Introucing PERK, Automatic Brewer Endorsed by Scott Rao


When Jakub Svec wanted to design a coffee machine suitable for zero gravity, he looked to the ’60s and ’70s for inspiration. Yet it turns out he didn’t just have his head in the clouds: he ended up inventing a third wave brewer that’s even been endorsed by Scott Rao. So what’s all the fuss about? Read on to find out.

PERK coffee machine in roastery

The PERK: Old-fashioned inspiration, modern aspirations. Credit: PERK

Introducing The PERK

The PERK is based on old-fashioned stovetop percolators, which are often associated with over-extraction and the use of boiling water. But this brewer boasts of stable temperatures throughout the brew process.

Svec tells me that he tested the PERK with Rao, and “In particular, we were testing for uniformity of saturation/agitation, temperature, time, and repeatability. We performed these tests with a VST coffee refractometer for objective results and were getting extracts above 22% without bitterness or astringency, and with great clarity, sweetness, body, acidity and fruitiness.”

At the same time, the PERK’s philosophy could be described as “make coffee easy again”. Press a few buttons and the machine will brew the coffee for you. It’s part of a growing trend of simpler coffee, with automatic brewers, specialty capsules, and even instant specialty. Watch its Kickstarter campaign video to find out more.

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Feature photo credit: PERK


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