March 20, 2017

VIDEO: Can a Spoon Affect The Taste of Your Coffee?


There are so many important variables when it comes to coffee flavour profile. The roast level. The grind size. The water temperature and ratio. The extraction time. The coffee freshness. And, of course, the coffee itself.

But could a spoon, or cup, also affect the way it tastes? Apparently so.

Metal Cutlery & Cups Affect Flavour

It turns out that different metals emphasise different flavours. Gold spoons emphasise creaminess, zinc adds a tang, and stainless steel is neutral. Find out more in this short video featuring different spoons and cream.

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Of course, coffee isn’t soup, and we tend to drink it out of a cup rather than sip it from a spoon. But it reminds us that every tiny detail is important: what the cup is made of, whether consumers use wooden stirrers or stainless steel spoons, and more.

Spoons & Crema

Speaking of spoons and flavour, some people advocate stirring espresso-based drinks to disperse the crema and remove some of its bitterness. Others pride themselves on a thick, beautiful crema (and consumers tend to associate it with coffee strength). Now one company has invented a spoon that won’t disturb it at all. Watch their Kickstarter video below to see how it works.

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