March 7, 2017

VIDEO: A Specialty Roaster Made Wine-Infused Coffee


We’ve seen whiskey-infused coffee. We’ve seen coffee aged in wine barrels. And now one company has produced wine-infused coffee. Is this a recipe for disaster or something you should try? Read on to find out more.

Introducing Wine-Infused Coffee

This new product, called Molinari Private Reserve, is a collaboration between Rick Molinari of Napa Valley’s Molinari Caffe and master roaster John Weaver of Wild Card Roasters. Here it is on ABC15’s 6 o’ clock news.

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What Does Wine-Infused Coffee Taste Like?

So do you drink it in the morning to wake up, or in the evening to get a bit merry? Neither: you savour it for its flavour profile. According to its makers, the drink is rich and full-bodied, with notes of blueberries. Milk-based coffees will bring out more of the red wine taste, while letting it cool will emphasise the flavours of the coffee blend.

Wine and coffee can have overlapping flavour profiles – in fact, we’ve shared a recipe for mulled coffee before – and so whether this is a success or not really depends on the coffee used. Unfortunately Molinari Private Reserve sold out almost immediately, so we may have to wait to find out for ourselves.

Feature photo credit: Jon Sullivan via Wikimedia Commons

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