March 23, 2017

Sustainable Coffee: How to Reuse Your Coffee Grounds


It’s time to make your coffee green again. Metaphorically green, that is.

We all love good coffee, but it’s just not as eco-friendly as we’d like to believe. In fact, instant coffee is the most environmentally friendly way to get a caffeine buzz.  However, for those of us who just can’t bear to do that (i.e. all of us at PDG), there are other ways to reduce your waste. So in today’s video article, we’re looking at how to re-purpose your coffee grounds.

Creative Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

If you like arts and crafts, this is the video for you. BuzzFeed‘s Nifty shows how you make your own coffee-scented candles, air freshener, salt scrub, and bug repellent from used grounds. Bought a bag of incredible coffee? Your Panamanian Geisha or Ethiopian Heirloom might be drunk within a week – but if you turn the grounds into candles, you’ll be able to smell those gorgeous notes months later.

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Coffee Grounds for Gardening

Love your mushrooms? Amy Devers shares how you can grow your own mushrooms, even in a city flat, with just some coffee grounds.

The video also mentions using coffee grounds as fertiliser, but it’s better to compost it. Coffee grounds are acidic and can damage vegetation. Like with all gardening, make sure your fertiliser is right for your soil and your plants before using it.

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Happy crafting!

Feature photo credit: The Tedster via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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