March 8, 2017

Roaster VIDEO Guide: What’s First Crack?


First crack: That moment all roasters listen for. But what does it sound like? What’s happening in the coffee bean? And, most importantly, what does this mean for your roast development? 

How Do I Recognise First Crack?

Today’s curated video article starts off with a Sweet Maria’s recording of 7 coffee beans being roasted. First, watch a time lapse and listen out for the sound of the cracks. Second, Sweet Maria’s slow down the video so you can see how the beans react. Trust us, this video is a must-see for anyone new to roasting.

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First Crack & Roast Development

So now you can recognise first crack, it’s time to go over what it actually means for your coffee. Joe and Dave of Mill City Roasters break down the science of what’s happening before, during, and after first crack. This video is a long one, lasting for 40 minutes, but it’s video gold no matter how experienced you are.

Key take-home point: “First crack is not a magical point at which the coffee starts to go through a change. First crack is a reaction to [the chemical changes] happening.”

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Feature photo credit: Sweet Maria’s via YouTube

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