March 24, 2017

A Specialty “Coffee Corner” Tour of Barcelona


Barcelona has no shortage of excellent specialty coffee shops. But if you’re visiting our beach-side, art-filled, fun-loving city, there’s no reason to just visit cafés. Because we also have an excellent range of – mostly underestimated – coffee corners.

What is a coffee corner? It’s a spot in which coffee is served in the same room, or shop, as another business. You can grab a V60 while coworking, or sip on a flat white while shopping.

Coffee corners are often left out of specialty coffee guides, but I’d like to show you why they’re just as good as coffee shops. So follow me on this coffee shop tour of Barcelona. You won’t regret it.

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Barcelona coffee shopsGet artistic at Wer-Haus. Credit: Anna Lyagina

How Did I Choose These Coffee Corners?

It’s hard to choose just a few great coffee corners. Not only are there lots to choose from, but – unlike coffee shops – coffee corners sometimes move. Take Atmans, run by a two-time Spain Latte Art Champion and his business partner, which recently left its premises and is now looking for somewhere new. They would have been a clear contender for this list had it not been for that.

However, every coffee corner I’ve included on this list is pushing forwards the specialty coffee industry within Spain. And I hope that, having tried these, you’ll consider trying more specialty coffee corners in future – both in Barcelona and at home!

Barcelona coffee shopsEnjoy a coffee while your bike is repaired at Orbea Cycle Coffee. Credit: Anna Lyagina.

1. Wer-haus

You’ll find Wer-Haus on Carrer d’Aragó, not far off Passeig De Grácia, which makes it a great place to visit after doing some shopping or visiting the Casa Batlló/Casa Mila museums. Once on Carrer d’Aragó, look out for a small entrance with minimalist design and a sign saying “Art Gallery, Bookstore, Men’s Fashion, Coffee Shop and Restaurant”.

The Head Barista here, Carlos Zavala, also happens to be Spain’s AeroPress Champion. Order an AeroPress and you won’t be disappointed. What’s more, he’s pushing filter culture forwards in Barcelona through his own exceptional brewing and through making space on his shelves for international roast masters renowned for their filter coffee. He tells me that Wer-Haus is the official and exclusive retailer of Tim Wendelboe’s coffees in Spain.

After your coffee, make sure to browse through the artworks, books, and clothing. Everything here is exceptional.

Note: Wer-Haus is currently closed on Tuesdays.

Barcelona coffee shopsWer-Haus serves up excellent coffee, including Tim Wendleboe’s. Credit: Anna Lyagina

Where Wer-Haus, Carrer d’Aragó 287
Collaboration Art gallery, men’s fashion shop, book shop, coffee corner, and restaurant all in one place.
Espresso Machine Synesso Cyncra.
Grinder Anfim & Compak R100.
Coffee Offerings SlowMov, Tim Wendelboe, and coffees from other international roasters
Must-Try Drinks An AeroPress served up by Spain’s AeroPress Champion
Food & Other Drink A wide range of food and drink , including international offerings such as Germany’s Fritz Kola, French bottled juices Alain Milliat, and the Japanese beer Hitachino Nest
Retail Offerings Tim Wendelboe coffees

Barcelona coffee shopsThis coffee corner makes for a great place to hang out. Credit: Anna Lyagina

2. Orbea Cycle Coffee

Orbea Cycle Coffee isn’t too far away from Passeig De Grácia, either. Hidden behind a brick wall at the back to one of Barcelona’s most well-known sports bicycle shops, you’ll find Café de Finca. These guys are passionate about cycling, cycling events, and supporting sportspeople – and, of course, coffee.

Take your time to chat with the guy behind the bar, Nito. Not only will he make you a great cup of coffee, but he’ll also serve you his recommended pairing for it. These small mouthfuls are expertly composed combinations of cookie, marmalade, cheese, nuts, and so on. It makes for a fascinating exploration of the world of taste profiles. What’s more, it’s a great way to help build a consumer coffee culture and demonstrate the value of a barista.

Barcelona coffee shopsOrder a pairing with your coffee at Orbea Cycle Coffee. Credit: Anna Lyagina

Where Consell de Cent 321
Collaboration Inside a bicycle shop
Espresso Machine La Marzocco Linea MP
Grinder La Marzocco Vulcano, Compak R80
Coffee Offerings They have their own coffee label, Café De Finca
Must-Try Drinks Double espresso with Nito’s recommended pairing
Food & Other Drink Teas, fresh cakes (definitely try the carrot cake – I think it might be the best in Barcelona), muffins, cookies, and toasts
Retail Offerings 250 g bags of coffee

Barcelona coffee shopsBikes, coffee, and fun at Orbea. Credit: Anna Lyagina

3. Skye Coffee co.

This coffee corner is a little further out of the city centre, in an area popular among young creatives and design studios. It has a unique vibe, even in a city renowned for its art, and while it’s currently short on restaurants this will no doubt change as the area eventually becomes “up and coming”.

This is why Skye coffee co., the owner of which has a design background, chose to set up her coffee van in this region. You’ll find it in an old warehouse that is now a coworking and exhibition space; in fact, it’s where the 2016 Barcelona Coffee Festival was held.  As for the coffee, they offer a range of local and international roasters.

Note: Skye Coffee Co. is currently not open at weekends. However, you may find it at one of Barcelona’s food markets on these days.

Barcelona coffee shopsSkye’s coffee van serves up delicious pastries. Credit: Skye Coffee co.

Where Espacio 88, Carrer de Pamplona 88
Collaboration The truck is parked in a coworking and exhibition space
Espresso Machine La Marzocco Linea PB
Grinder Mazzer’s Super Jolly Electronic
Coffee Offerings Seasonal coffees from local roaster Right Side Coffee, as well as guest offerings including Caravan (London) and Café Grumpy (NY)
Must-Try Drinks Espresso or café con leche
Food & Other Drink Hot and sweet teas, porridge, chia pudding, and a selection of cakes from Hofmann
Retail Offerings 250 g bags of Right Side Coffee

Barcelona coffee shopsTake your time, enjoy your coffee. There’s plenty of space. Credit: Skye Coffee co.

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