February 2, 2017

VIDEO: The Key Traits of a Specialty Barista


A specialty barista has a lot of responsibility.

It takes years of hard work to create an amazing coffee. It has to be planted, cultivated, picked, processed, traded, and roasted. Producers, pickers, roasters, and more spend a phenomenal amount of time just to give a customer that one brief experience.

But the final step is in the barista’s hand. They have to brew that coffee perfectly – and then convey how special it is to a customer who probably doesn’t have time to spare.

So how do they achieve this? Francesco Sanapo of Ditta Artigianale, 3-time Italian Barista Champion, shares his thoughts on how a barista can provide excellent service in this video from Bar Convent Berlin.

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Feature photo credit: Patrick Tomasso, CC BY 0

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