February 7, 2017

VIDEO: How to Use a Manual or “Lever” Espresso Machine


If there’s one word to describe the manual or lever espresso machine, it’s “cool”. I mean, you literally make an espresso with a lever. They’re the syphon of the espresso world.

But just like the syphon, they’re not easy to use. You can get some amazing shots out of them – but you can also end up with inconsistent coffee and bad burns. So in today’s video guide, we’re looking at how to use them.

What Is a Lever Espresso Machine?

We begin with Steve of Prima Coffee showing us his own home espresso machine – a La Pavoni lever machine from the ’70s. First of all he explains what they are and how they work, along with modifications you might need to make. Then he takes us through the pros and cons of this steampunk-esque beauty.

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How to Use a Lever Espresso Machine

Next, Dan Kehn of HomeBarista.com sets out to teach a complete newbie how to use a manual espresso machine, complete with a lot of practical tips learned through experience. These are the kinds of insights you won’t learn in a manual.

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Feature photo credit: Prima Coffee Equipment

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