February 21, 2017

VIDEO: Are Ceramic To-Go Mugs The Next Eco-Friendly Trend?


The coffee industry needs reusable to-go mugs. 7 million cups a day are used in the UK alone – and a whopping 68.5 million in the US – but only 1% of those are recycled. The problem is that most to-go mugs aren’t recyclable: they have a plastic film that, while helping to keep the coffee inside the cup, also keeps the cup outside of recycling bins.

Fortunately, there are a number of recyclable cups that have been developed specifically for coffee. Not only do we get to choose between recycled plastic, glass, and bamboo, but they come with spill-proof lids and cool designs. More and more of them are being designed to not alter the coffee’s profile.

And ceramic mugs are also starting to trend. Take this one that’s currently being Kickstarted:

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Designer Michael Regan tells me, “While it is recommended that the flask is stored vertically, the cork does hold a water-proof seal when fitted properly. With a loose fit or vigorous movement the cork can allow dripping, but with a good fit and normal carry movement the flask keeps a good and secure seal.”

You can also find a wide range of ceramic cups with plastic glasses on Etsy, as well as at some coffee shops.

Feature photo credit: Finch

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