February 1, 2017

The Barista League: A Different Kind of Competition


The Barista League isn’t like the Barista Championship. But it isn’t trying to be.

The latter requires extensive preparation, customer service, and 12 truly special drinks. It’s a rigorous competition that demands everything a competitor’s got. But the League will put baristas on the spot, quizzing them on general knowledge, asking them to develop recipes for mystery coffees, and seeing how many coffees they can make with alternative milk within a time limit. It’s challenging, and it’s also fun.

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Barista League winners

Winners Ida Jansson and Lise Rømo with their trophy and prize. Credit: The Barista League

Last month marked the start of Season II, as teams competed in Oslo for the prize: an origin trip to La Palma y El Tucán and other nearby farms in Colombia, provided by Collaborative Coffee Source. Winners Ida Jansson and Lise Rømo of Norð Oslo will be heading there shortly. Interestingly, Lise Rømo also used La Palma y El Tucán’s coffee in the World Barista Championship last year.

Upcoming Season II competitions include: Gothenburg, 25th–26th March; Copenhagen, 12th–13th May; and Berlin, 23rd–24th September. (See our Events Calendar for more events like this.)

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