February 22, 2017

McDonald’s Makes Fun of Specialty Coffee – And We’re Lovin’ It


McCafé’s been going through a rebrand: one that involves better coffee and making fun of specialty. We’re not offended, though. We’re lovin’ it. Because this insult comes with a side of good news.

McCafé’s Move Towards Quality

The McDonald’s coffee chain has invested in $12,000 espresso machines, committed to sustainably sourced coffees, and even created a range of “specialty” coffees such as frappés.  All this has led publications such as Fortune and Business Insider to declare that they’re trying to compete with Starbucks.

But while Starbucks is trying to follow the third wave trend, McCafé has gone the other route. They’re promising quick, easy, no-frills coffee that just so happens to taste “good”. Watch as they make fun of specialty in this – admittedly hilarious – TV ad.

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Why This Is Good News For Specialty

So why, if they’re mocking us, aren’t we offended? Because it tells us that:

1. McCafé thinks specialty coffee is mainstream. You don’t spend all that money on videos mocking something people don’t know about.

2. McCafé thinks their customers have strong opinions on specialty. Those opinions are negative, and are part of an issue we have with our image. But this also means they think their customers encounter specialty often enough to have an emotional response.

3. McCafé spent money on an attack ad for our niche of the industry. Not for Starbucks. Not for Caffé Nero or Dunkin’ Donuts  or even office coffee. But specialty. And while there are many ways to interpret this, it tells us that McDonald’s are worried about the trend of better quality coffee. Even while trying to cater to it, they’re reminding viewers of what they consider the positive sides of choosing them instead.

Frankly, we’re feeling happier than a kid in McDonaldland. Thanks, McCafé!

Feature photo credit: McDonald’sUK via YouTube

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