February 28, 2017

Cascara Latte VIDEO Review: Can This Drink Be Third Wave?


Starbucks recently started a new coffee trend: cascara latte. But what is cascara? How is it normally drunk? And is there a third wave version of the cascara latte? Find out in today’s curated video article.

What Is Cascara?

Cascara is the dried skin of coffee cherries, and it’s typically brewed as an infusion. Find out more about it in this excellent introduction and recipe from The Roasters Pack. And note how they talk about the flavour profile and aroma: just like with coffee, the cherry’s origin, varietal, and more can affect the final cup.

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So What’s a Cascara Latte – Starbucks Style?

A cascara latte is a Starbucks invention: one latte, one cascara-infused shot of syrup, and some cascara-infused sugar granules as a garnish. In total, a grande contains 36g of sugar (8 teaspoons). Starbucks says it has a sweet taste profile, with notes of maple syrup and dark brown sugar.

Is There a Third Wave Version of the Cascara Latte?

Gail from Seattle Coffee Gear called for users to share recipes with her – and they did, with Polly sending one in. But unlike Starbucks’ version, this one features actual cascara tea. The result is a heavily caffeinated drink with plenty of opportunity for experimenting with flavour profiles. Watch as Gail makes and reviews the cascara latte.

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Feature photo credit: Migle via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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