February 7, 2017

5 Romantic Ways to Show a Coffee Lover How You Feel


Dinner and a movie? Guys (and girls), you can do better than that. It’s fun, sure, but it’s not an unforgettable romantic experience. It won’t make anyone fall in love with you.

But you know what will do that? A shared passion – especially if it’s a sensory one. So I’ve come up  with five ways to show someone exactly how you feel, all inspired by coffee.

Spanish Version: 5 Formas Románticas de Mostrarle a Un Amante de Café lo Que Sientes

coffee date

Share a love of coffee. Credit: Coffeesundays

1. Make Them Coffee in Bed

There’s something sacred about making someone a cup of coffee. And bringing your other half something in bed makes it even more special. There’s nothing better than waking up to the delicious aroma of coffee and the person you love.

In fact, Oscar Escalante, chef at Micro Festival El Salvador, tells me that for him “food, as well as coffee, creates a reaction in your body. Those reactions makes you feel good, and full of life and pleasure… and that’s exactly how love makes you feel!”

If you’re not a morning person, you might need to get everything ready the day before – but we all know that your favorite coffee lover deserves it. Pick up some blow-you-away coffee, prepare the perfect pour over, and serve it next to a delicious breakfast. Who cares about the morning rush when you can savor a good cup of coffee in your partner’s company?

coffee and breakfastThe first coffee of the day is always the most special. Credit: Lindsey Pruitt

2. Go For a Date in a Coffee Shop

Let’s be honest, specialty coffee shops are the best places for a deep, gaze-into-each-other’s-eyes-over-the-table conversation. Even better, you don’t have to be nervous about which fork you’re supposed to be using. To really make this option a great date, turn off your phone, skip the latte art photo, and just enjoy a moment with your special person.

cafe dos

“Good coffee only needs good company.” Credit: Guillermo Zumbado

3. Get Sensory

There’s something very sensual about cupping (other than the slurping, of course). Focusing just on our senses helps us to look at our partner in new ways too.

If you’re new to cupping, buy some fruit, chocolate, and spices for the two of you to taste. As you familiarize yourself with these smells and flavors, you can then compare them to different coffee profiles. Have a read of our guide to cupping and developing your palate for more tips.

And if you guys already know how to cup? Get a range of different coffees for the day. Appreciate the sweetness, acidity, mouthfeel, balance, and more. Pay attention to your senses – and share the moment with your partner.

cupping for two

Cupping coffee: a truly sensory experience. Credit: Chris Rye

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4. Take a Class Together

Learning a new skill together helps you connect over shared experiences. And fortunately there’s always more to learn about coffee. New brewing methods, home roasting, latte art… you and your beau can take your pick.

Your local coffee shop might offer short courses, or you can ask your favorite barista if they’ll come to your house to give a class. Alternatively, if you’re the expert, why not be the instructor and give your favorite student some special treatment?

learning pour

Learn something for the first time – together. Credit: Vigilante Coffee

5. Cook a Coffee-&-Chocolate-Flavored Dinner

Dinner and a movie may be a tired cliché, but a romantic evening in? There’s nothing sweeter. Go the extra mile and prepare a dinner full of aphrodisiacs – and by that I mean coffee and chocolate.

Coffee and pork loin might seem like unlikely partners, until you imagine the flavor of that succulent pork enhanced with a glaze of coffee, brown sugar, black pepper, and chile. A plum, apple, and red wine sauce drizzled on top would bring it to perfection. Or what about a delicious dessert? A creamy tiramisu made with specialty coffee and cacao could win anyone’s heart.

My day must begin and end with either chocolate or coffee – and if a date gave me both, I swear I’d be theirs forever. So light some candles, play some soft music, and sweep your partner off their feet.

coffee and food

Prepare a meal that will win your partner’s heart. Credit: The Little Black Coffee Cup

The best expression of love isn’t an expensive gift. It’s simply sharing what is important to us. And if coffee is your first love – I mean, your second love – then there’s no shortage of romantic ways to show someone how you feel.

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