January 5, 2017

What’s Happening at Café Malaysia & Malaysia Coffee Forum 2017?


Next week marks the third Café Malaysia exhibition, and with Asia’s rapid adoption of specialty coffee, the event is poised to be even more popular than last year. What’s more, this year it will also feature the first-ever Malaysia Coffee Forum.

The three-day event will run from the 12th to 14th January in the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, and 12,000 people are expected to attend. Here’s what’s going on.

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Café Malaysia poster

Presentations & Workshops

The list of presentations and workshops include a latte art presentation. Sasa Sestic, 2015 World Barista Champion and subject of The Coffee Man, will also lead a session on cupping single origin coffees. There will also be networking opportunities for those looked to expand into Malaysia and/or the rest of Asia.

Malaysia Coffee Forum

The inaugural Malaysia Coffee Forum will kick off at 2 pm on Friday 13th. Sasa Sestic will discuss quality and freshness of green beans, posing questions such as: Is a 92-cupping coffee always better than an 86? What is the value of ethical sourcing?

Henry Wilson, CEO & Founder of Perfect Daily Grind, will also present on building brands and business relationships in an increasingly digital and social world.

Malaysia Coffee Forum speakers

Credit: Malaysia Coffee Forum

National Championships

Get ready to see some impressive coffee making! The Malaysia Barista Championship,  Brewers Cup, and Latte Art Championship will all take place over these three days. Contestants include Lucas Eng Boon Hong, the 2015 Malaysia Latte Art Champion.

Perfect Daily Grind

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