January 13, 2017

The 1st World Coffee Producers Forum: What Can You Expect?


The first ever World Coffee Producers Forum will be held on the 10th–12th July this year. The organisers aim to bring producers from 40 different countries to Medellin, Colombia for three full days of talks about the coffee industry. So what’s on the schedule?

Spanish Version: Primer Foro Mundial de Productores de Café: ¿Qué Se Puede Esperar?

Stats about coffee production in ColombiaCoffee production in Colombia. Credit: Fedecafé

A Producer-Orientated Look at the Industry

The clue is in the name. But with panels such as “Economic Sustainability of the Coffee Producer” and “Adaptation to Climate Change in Coffee Production”, we’re guaranteed a look at the coffee industry through the lens of producers – not consumers. There will also be sessions on Price Volatility, Generational Replacement/Labor, and more.

Putting Coffee in Context

This event won’t just focus on coffee production, but also on coffee-producing communities and the world around them. Day one boasts of a keynote speech by Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs, the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University (not to be confused with the European Center of Sustainable Development). This will be shortly followed by a panel on “Rural Development and Socioeconomic Indicators in the Coffee World”.

A Hands-On Approach: Trips to the Farm

After the Forum has ended, the organisers are offering the ability to see good coffee farming practices in action. That’s right, there’s an optional two-day tour of coffee farms.

The tour will be in the Antioquia region in the northwest of Colombia. According to the World Coffee Producers Forum, with 120,000 farms this area produces 16% of the nation’s coffee. And it’s becoming known for its specialty coffees. Day one will be spent on the Esteban Jaramillo Farm, while two more farms and the coffee cooperative of Jericò will be visited the next day.

Attendees will get the chance to learn about germinating and planting, plantation management, milling and processing, and roasting.

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Coffee Tour Itinerary

Coffee Tour details. Credit: Fedecafé

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