January 18, 2017

Roasting VIDEO Tips: How to Make Coffee Blends


As an industry, we love our single origin coffees – but blends don’t deserve to be neglected. They can play an important role in a coffee shop’s menu. So in today’s video guide we’re looking at what a blend is, why you might want to drink one, and how roasters create them.

What Is a Blend & Why Do People Like Them?

A blend is a mixture of coffees from different farms or regions. A single origin coffee will be from one region, while a single farm or a microlot coffee will be from one farm. This means a single origin will typically have a distinctive taste. A blend, on the other hand, will be a combination of profiles. It will probably have a less unusual flavour and aroma, but can still be a delicious choice.

Commodity coffees gave blends a bad name, as they sometimes attempt to mask inferior beans with medium-grade ones. But there are actually several reasons someone might choose to order a blend. For a start, since coffee is seasonal, a single origin will only be available for a short period of time. A house blend, however, can switch the coffees but keep a similar profile – meaning you can drink your favourite brew all year round.

How Do Roasters Create Blends?

Creating blends requires creativity, sensory skills, and technical expertise. Peter Wolff shares his feelings on what coffees to pick for the ideal mix, before providing three suggestions for how to roast it.

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Feature photo credit: Wolff College of Coffee

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