January 25, 2017

Need to Stay Up? Try The World’s Most Caffeinated Coffees


Are you so desperate to stay up you’d try a coffee that’s dangerously caffeinated? We’ve taken a look at coffees that have above-average levels of caffeine – including some that contain over 12 times the FDA-recommended daily limit. Insanity or a pure love for coffee? You decide.

Beans With Twice The Caffeine

Death Wish Coffee has literally twice the average amount of caffeine, making it the world’s most caffeinated coffee by bean.

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So how do they achieve this impressive feat? Their beans are a blend of Peruvian Arabica (their website doesn’t mention the varietal) and Indian Robusta, both Fairtrade.

While for most people Arabica is the drink of choice, Robusta has a higher caffeine content. It’s associated with a more bitter taste, but some argue that with good quality control Robusta can also be delicious. What’s more, there is a case for fine Robustas providing an alternative to high-quality Arabica. However, dark roasts  suggest any good flavours may be masked.

Wondering what it feels like to drink it? The BuzzFeed team have tried it out so you don’t have to – unless you want to, that is.

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The Coffee Cocktail With 8,000% of The Caffeine

No, my 0 button isn’t broken – that really does say 8,000%. The Asskicker coffee, served up by Viscous Coffee in Australia, can be made with any type of beans: it’s the sheer amount of coffee that’s in it which makes it such a, well, asskicker.

Take four espresso shots, eight cold drip ice cubes, and 120 ml of cold drip, and you have a drink with as much as 5g of coffee. (That’s the large version of the drink – the small and medium will contain less caffeine, but they’re still going to keep you up for a long time.)

Just in case you’re not sure how much 5g is, it’s widely accepted that 10g is lethal – less if you’re petite or suffer from cardiac problems. The FDA recommend a daily allowance of 400 mg. Viscous Coffee state that the drink should be consumed over several hours – but even so, the drink comes with a health warning.

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So there you have it – the world’s most caffeinated coffees. Have you tried them? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

Feature photo credit: Death Wish Coffee

Please note: Perfect Daily Grind do not recommend consuming excessive amounts of caffeine. We recommend seeking a health professional’s advice before consuming any coffee that comes with a health warning, and also following the instructions provided with the drink.  Moreover, we do own the rights to these videos and cannot be held accountable for their content.

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