January 6, 2017

Coffee 101: A VIDEO Guide to Arabica & Robusta


It used to be that the Arabica vs Robusta debate was simple: Arabica good, Robusta bad. But now and then, you’ll hear someone make the case for re-evaluating Robusta. So if you’re wondering what the difference actually is, find out in today’s curated video guide.

Arabica vs Robusta: The Basics

Whole Latte Love take a quick peek at the main differences between these two coffee species, from flavour profiles to production. It’s worth noting that Robusta in specialty blends is rare – in fact, high-quality Robusta is typically referred to as “fine” instead of “specialty”.

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If you’re looking for a little more information – such as why Arabica and Robusta taste so different – watch Seattle Coffee Gear’s short clip.

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Cherries & Green Beans

To see the difference, rather than hear about it, watch this 18-second clip from the farm. There’s no audio, but it’s easy to see the differences in size between the two species.

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Feature photo credit: Ji-Elle via Wikimedia

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