December 5, 2016

VIDEO: How to Fine-Tune Your Espresso Recipes


You just bought this incredible coffee, and you can’t wait to start serving it as espresso. But it falls flat every time you pull it. It’s sour, it’s lacking the gorgeous mouthfeel you remember, and you just can’t seem to fix it.

You need to improve the espresso recipe.

We have good news: in today’s video guide, we’re looking at how to fine-tune an espresso recipe step by step. And it’s easier than you could possibly expect.

Playing With Dose, Yield, & Time

Dose, yield, time – three crucial aspects to an espresso recipe. But having so many variables doesn’t have to make it complex. Matt Perger, Founder of Barista Hustle and 2012 World Brewers Cup Champion, breaks down his easy-to-follow espresso method.

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Understanding Temperature

With dose, yield, and time, you can craft an espresso recipe that accentuates all the best characteristics of your coffee. But if your espresso machine allows you to adjust the temperature, you get an extra degree of control over your final coffee. Amber from Seattle Coffee Gear explains the role temperature plays and also gives some basic guidelines on dose, yield, and time.

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Feature photo credit: Matt Perger

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