December 16, 2016

The PDG Holiday Gift Guide, Level 2: Under the Tree


Nine days till Christmas and the Santa hats are out, the Christmas cake is being eaten, and everyone’s in the festive spirit. Unless you’re still frantically trying to purchase Christmas gifts, that is.

But if you are, not to fear, because we’re here to help you out. Earlier this week we looked at affordable gifts for coffee-loving family members, friends, and Secret Santas. Today we’re looking at mid-range gifts. They’re a little more of an investment, but your recipient is going to love them.

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Christmas chemex

Christmas Chemex Credit: Prima Coffee

Cafflano Klassic

Grinder, brewer, kettle, and cup all in one – oh yes, you read that right. The award-winning Cafflano Klassic is an easy option for travelers who don’t want to compromise on their coffee quality.


Perfect for that coffee friend who also loves to travel! Credit: Cafflano

Scott Rao’s The Coffee Roaster’s Companion

For those just getting into roasting, or even those who have been doing for a while, this book is essential reading. It explains basic techniques along with the processes coffee undergoes during roasting. It also includes an introduction to cupping and brewing.

coffee roasters companion

Know someone who’s into roasting? This is the perfect gift for that person.  Credit: Insight Coffee Roasters

Fellow Stagg Kettle

Water temperature is just as important as the grind profile or dose when brewing coffee – which makes this kettle with its built-in thermometer invaluable.

Stagg Kettle

You definitely can’t go wrong with one of these. Awesome gift for any coffee lover! Credit: Fellow

Coffee Kit: AeroPress + Bag of Coffee

The AeroPress is a coffee maker suited to everybody’s needs. Easy to use, perfect for travelers, and delivering truly delicious coffee – just combine it with some coffee for the perfect gift. Hatch Coffee are selling it with their holiday blend (Brazil and Kenya, medium-light roast, with notes of Christmas cake), making it an easy present.

aeropress and hatch

New brewing device and coffee. Perfect pair, perfect gift. Credit: Hatch Coffee

Coffee Catcha

What barista or prosumer doesn’t want a cleaner coffee bar and less coffee wastage? The Coffee Catcha allows users to consistently dose while also reducing wastage. You can use it while tamping and it’s compatible with the majority of portafilters. We reviewed it back in 2015 and, needless to say, it’s still on our Christmas wish list.

coffee catcha

If you still don’t know what to give to your barista friend this Christmas, this is the answer! Credit: EspressoCorp

Dozer Distribution Tool

Speaking of dosing, the Dozer Distribution Tool will ensure the coffee grinds are spread evenly before tamping – which in turn will lead to more consistent extraction. A gift for the true coffee perfectionist, it’s sure to impress.


Because we all know a coffee perfectionist!  Credit: Mahlgut


Can’t live without your morning espresso? We know the feeling. But most espresso machines aren’t exactly what we’d call portable. Fortunately, the Handpresso is.


Good espresso, anywhere! Credit: Handpresso

Hario Double Wall Cafe Press

This double-walled immersion brewer keeps coffee hotter for longer. And with an olive wood handle and Chemex-inspired leather strap, it’s also a beautiful gift.

hario press

Hario did it again. Beautiful right?! Credit: Zezt Specialty Coffee Roasters


This immersion cold brew coffee maker is both convenient and easy to use. It comes with two chambers, one of which you can remove and use to store your cold brew in the fridge for up to two weeks. You can also purchase it with a spill-proof travel flask or flight flask, making it great for those constantly on the go.


Cold brew was hot this year! We are sure you know someone who would love one of these. Credit: BodyBrew

Royal Coffee’s Crown Jewels

A 22-lb bag of green single origin coffee, a Crown Jewel is a great gift for roasters looking to experiment. Get them the Geisha to really impress them.


For that coffee friend who loves challanges! He/She will enjoy this awesome gift! Credit: Royal Coffee

Knock Feldgrind

This portable hand grinder is lightweight and high-quality, making it a good choice for frequent travelers who can’t bear to be away from their beans.


Because friends don’t let friends drink pre-ground coffee! Credit: Peter Kilpatrick

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Take a look at our level one (“stocking fillers”) suggestions, or check back on Monday for the final installment of our gift guide.

Featured image: Vertical Thinking

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