December 12, 2016

The PDG Holiday Gift Guide, Level 1: Stocking Fillers


Feeling festive yet? Fairy lights are in every window, songs are playing from every shop – and you need to work out what to buy your coffee-addicted specialty-loving friends.

Buying for a coffee geek is no easy task. After all, we’ve got cupboards full of coffee brewers, filters, kettles, scales, thermometers, beans, mugs… But if you’re looking for something your friends will love, we’ve come up with not one, but three, winter gift guides full of items for coffee novices all the way through Barista Champions.

In level 1, we’re looking at affordable items that will do for Secret Santas as well as best friends and loved ones.

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coffee gifts

Coffee gifts for coffee friends! Credit: Daniel Jimenez

GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java Drip

Got an insane adventurous friend who likes hiking? Do they have lots of like-minded friends who might be hiking with them? This collapsible drip coffee-maker is the perfect device for them. It brews 1 to 12 cups of coffee, is quick and easy to use, and takes up almost no space in a backpack.

java drip

For the friend who loves exploring. Credit: GSI Outdoors

Osaka Stainless Steel Cone Filter

This reusable filter isn’t just eco-friendly. It also creates a smooth cup with a richer mouthfeel, since the oils aren’t trapped by the stainless steel. It fits both the size two V60 and the six-cup or eight-cup Chemex.

osaka cone and chemex

Reusable AND beautiful – perfect for your eco-friendly coffee friends.  Credit: Osaka Coffee

Department of Brewology Poster

Want to add some style to your home, café, or office? The Department of Brewology has a wide range of posters, all with unique designs that no coffee lover could turn down.

department of brewology

Help your friends display their love for coffee. Credit: Department of Brewology

Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils

For those of us yet to master latte art, these stencils are a great cheat tool. Sure, we all want to eventually pour our own great designs – but until then, just shake some cocoa or cinnamon powder on top of the Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils.


 For the friend who always pays attention to details. Credit: AeroLatte

Primula Cold Brew Travel Bottle

Brew, store, and drink cold or hot brew with this one bottle – it’s ingenious. Simply remove the filter and coffee grinds once your drink has finished extracting, and then pop the bottle in your bag. What’s more, it’s less than $20. Sweet!

primula cold brew bottle

Simple design, great practicality. Credit: Primula Products

A Bag of Coffee

It may seem obvious, but we’re all united by our love of coffee. And nothing excites us more than trying a new origin or roaster. Gift someone a bag of specialty coffee from somewhere they haven’t tried before – you get bonus points if it’s one of your favorites.

hatchet coffee holiday blend

Who would say no to a bag of coffee? Credit: Hatchet Coffee

Airscape Canister

True friends don’t let each other’s beans go stale. An airtight container is crucial for keeping coffee fresh, but not all coffee bags offer this. The Airscape Canister is the solution to this issue: the lid removes air from the container, meaning your coffee is safe.

coffee canister

Let your friends know that you care about them (and their coffee).  Credit: Planetary Design

Hatch Holiday Blend Gift Set

Know someone with a sweet tooth? This limited edition holiday blend (Kenya and Brazil, medium-light roast, notes of Christmas cake) includes matcha and earl grey shortbread cookies.

hatch cookies

Because who doesn’t love something sweet with their coffee? Credit: Hatch Coffee

Hario Woodneck Drip Pot

Does your friend hate throwing away paper filters? Do they moan about the oils that come with a stainless steel filter? It might be time that they tried a cloth one.

hario woodneck drip pot

Great coffee that also happens to be eco-friendly. Credit: @analog Kopi

If you haven’t found your perfect present yet, or are looking to splurge a little more on that special someone, don’t worry – parts two and three will contain even more great ideas.

Featured photo: Aaron Moxley

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