December 6, 2016

A VIDEO Guide to Intercropping for Coffee Farmers


Intercropping: the process of planting multiple crops on the same ground. It can bring economic stability, improve coffee quality, and benefit the environment. But how? And what should you intercrop? Find out in this video guide.

Why Intercrop?

There are many different options for intercropping: avocados, coconuts, rubber, vanilla… In this quick clip, Wbs TvUganda looks at the value of intercropping coffee and bananas: minimised costs, greater economic stability in the face of disease, low maintenance, and more.

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Intercropping: An Organic Farming Strategy

In our second video, Richard Birecki examines how intercropping can be part of an organic farming strategy. He’s on Don Elias Farm in Colombia, where pineapples, avocados, yuca, bananas, and oranges are all intercropped with coffee. From the ability to avoid bugs and limit the damage of soil erosion to shade and nutrient fixing, Richard looks at which crop brings which benefits.

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Feature photo credit: Richard Birecki

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