November 14, 2016

What Food Should You Eat With Your Coffee? A VIDEO Introduction


Don’t just reach for the blueberry muffin. It might not bring out the best notes in your coffee.

At the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Symposium 2015, Luis Fernando Samper of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and Bernard Lahousse of Foodpairing shared their research on pairing food with coffee. And we’re talking some impressively rigorous research: they recorded 1,234 variables for hundreds of coffees.

Their findings? That different coffees are suited to different foods, and there are hundreds of nuances to be considered.

How to Pair Food With Coffee

Lahousse explained that aroma is key to a flavour profile, and that for Colombian coffees alone there are 80-90  key aromas. He continued to explain that “ingredients match when they have important aroma compounds in common”. In other words, fruity aromas should be eaten with fruits – or other food containing the same acids. (He gives the example of pairing kiwis with oysters.)

However, it’s not just aroma: taste, smell, and texture are all important, according to Lahousse.

Find out more in this video recording.

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Feature photo credit: Foodpairing

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