November 23, 2016

VIDEO: What’s the Difference Between Flow & Pressure Profiling?


If you’re wondering what 9-bar has to do with a good espresso, you’re not alone. But this mysterious little phrase is pretty important. It refers to pressure, which affects the saturation of your coffee puck – and therefore has an impact on extraction and flavour. And just as important as pressure, though sometimes overlooked, is flow.

Read on as break down what pressure and flow have to do with your espressos.

Why Are Flow & Pressure Important for Espresso?

In this short and sweet video, Science Channel looks at why pressure is needed and how your espresso machine creates it.

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Flow & Pressure: What’s the Difference?

You’ll have noticed that in the video above, flow is treated as an effect of pressure. Yet there’s a little more to it than that. Watch as Prima Coffee demonstrates the differences with some help from the local fire department and a Slayer.

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Feature photo credit: Science Channel

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