November 28, 2016

VIDEO: Make a DIY Pour Over Brewer Out of Copper or Iron Pipes


Why make a pour over device out of copper or iron pipes? Because it’s stylish, it’ll be your very own creation, and it’s not that difficult to make! (Plus, it could be a great gift.)

The creative people behind HomeMadeModern have produced some easy-to-follow video guides. But before you get out your saws and drill pieces, a quick health and safety warning: please only use tools you know how to operate, wear safety equipment, and work in a safe environment. What’s more, it’s important to make sure that your coffee doesn’t touch the copper or iron pipes directly, but instead flows through the glass.

How to Make a Pour Over Out of Copper/Iron Pipes

In their first video, HomeMadeModern shows how this fancy device is made from copper pipes held together by epoxy, with a glass funnel to hold the coffee filter. Although there are lots of other ways that you can perch a funnel lined with a coffee filter over your coffee cup, it’s the simplicity of the design that makes this project really shine.

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This second video from HomeMadeModern involves iron pipes, a 2×6 and, optionally, test tubes. Same concept, completely different look.

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There you have it – two easy DIY projects that will add some character to your kitchen.

Feature photo credit: HomeMadeModern

Please note: Perfect Daily Grind does not own the rights to these videos and cannot be held accountable for their content. Perfect Daily Grind does not advise the use of equipment that you have not been trained on, and recommends following all relevant health and safety procedures, including wearing safety equipment. Please seek advice from professionals if you have any questions about the safe and appropriate use of equipment.

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