November 8, 2016

VIDEO: 190 Seconds of Coffee Processing in El Salvador


Think making a pour over is complex? That’s nothing. Coffee farmers understand how intricate “making coffee” really is.

There are an immense number of stages between the coffee ripening on the farm and it being bagged for export: picking, removing the mucilage, drying, sorting… And of course, these stages will vary depending on the processing method.

Ahead of the Perfect Daily Grind Micro Festival: El Salvador, we thought we’d have a look at how Salvadoran coffee is processed. And thanks to Sweet Maria’s, we’re able to see it on the very same farm  and mill on which the Micro Festival will be held: Finca El Manzano.

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Bet you won’t complain about making a pour over any time soon.

Feature photo credit: Sweet Maria’s Coffee

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