November 11, 2016

Micro Festival El Salvador: We Need Events in Producing Countries


Our industry is driven by the people in it. And it only gets better when we connect. That’s why so coffee festivals are the starting place of strong business relationships. That’s why so many innovations grow out of a conversation.

And that’s why we want to launch a new kind of festival. One that’s intimate and familiar, where you can get to know every attendee. One that has a community feel, even on a global scale.

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Re-Focusing on Producing Countries

For many producers, international festivals are a huge expense – one that often doesn’t pay off. They risk the time away from the farm, the cost of the flights and accommodation in often expensive cities, only to discover that there are so many people they may have no more than 10 minutes with most roasters.

At the same time, producers are experts on their coffee and their region. And as specialty coffee consumption grows at origin, especially in Latin America, these countries have an insight that cannot be replicated.

Producers attending Micro Festival El Salvador are coming from Brazil, Cameroon, Indonesia, Hawaii, and more. By bringing them together in a small, intimate festival, the event will facilitate valuable conversations and knowledge-sharing.


Micro Festival El Salvador: Speakers & Workshops

Micro Festival El Salvador will run on the 14th and 15th December, and will feature a wide range of workshops, cuppings, speakers, and team-building activities.

Anthony Rue, a Sensory Judge for the World Barista Championship, will be running an exclusive Barista Skills Workshop targeted towards Salvadoran baristas. It will look at tasting coffee for espresso, the anatomy of a shot, dialling in, and filter coffee. Taste calibration, flavour manipulation, and World Coffee Events scoresheets will all be covered.

Confirmed speakers include: Maria Esther López Cásares of Café Registrado, Beom Kyu Heo of Waveon Coffee, Matti Foncha of Cameroon Boyo, Thiago Borba of 3Brothers, Mayra Orellana-Powell of Royal Coffee, Jhon Espita of SENA, Gilberto Baraona of Grain Pro, Ildi Revi of Ally Coffee, and Michelle Marie de Matheu of Mandala.

Malian Lahey of Ka’u Specialty Coffee, Khaled Almadi of Elixir Bunn Coffee, Benji Salim of The Q Coffee, and Alfredo Pacas of Ron Cihuatán will also be running workshops.

Topics range from green bean marketing in South Korea to the challenges coming from within the specialty industry (presented by Jesus Salazar), and crop diversification to performance efficiency.


Micro Festival El Salvador: What Else?

There will be cuppings of Salvadoran coffees, Hawaiian, Brazilian Indonesian coffees, and Saudi roasts, as well as a night visit to a processing mill, a latte art throwdown, rum tasting, and papusa making.

What’s more, accommodation for five days will be provided at producers’ mills and fincas, meaning attendees will have opportunities to visit cupping labs, pick cherries (harvest permitting), and connect with local farmers.

In short, it will be a non-stop exploration of the coffee industry. Attendees will gain insight into every aspect of the supply chain, discuss the big issues, and make what could be lifelong connections.

Tickets were completely reserved in just three days. Watch our Facebook page for details about future events, and get in touch if you’re interested in hosting a future micro festival!

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