November 25, 2016

#FunnyFriday: VIDEO Tips for Drinking Coffee on Winter Break


Winter holidays are approaching, and while some of us may be jetting off to warmer climates, others are looking at a season of frozen fingers and snow wear. Whether you’re going skiing or just holidaying with family, here are some tips for how to get through it with coffee.

Warning: This article is best consumed with humour. For more serious tips on brewing at below freezing, check out our interview with four coffee adventurers.

1. Coffee Suits Every Situation

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After all, you need warming up out there. And how else will you get the energy to do those backflips?!

2. You Need to Drink Quickly…

…and don’t spill any! (Although if you do, at least you won’t need to clean it up.)

Feature photo credit: Stian Aadland

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