November 29, 2016

Coffee Theory: A VIDEO Introduction to Pulling Espresso Shots


Quick: what’s the best brew temperature for a lightly roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe? What brew time do you want for a ristretto? What grind profile should a double lungo have? 

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you’re in luck. Because in this video guide, we’re looking at the theory behind the espresso: brew ratios, grind profiles, brew temperatures, ristrettos, lungos…

The Three-Legged Stool

We start with basic espresso theory in this short-and-sweet video from ChefSteps. Scott Callender of  La Marzocco and Charles Babinski of G&B Coffee break down brew ratios, grind profiles, and brew temperatures.

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Triple Ristretto or Single Lungo?

Now that you understand the relationship between grind profiles, brew times, and brew ratios, it’s time to look at how to manipulate these when playing with espresso sizes, ristrettos, and lungos. This video from Seattle Coffee Gear explains all. 

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There’s no better way to learn than by putting this into practice, so get out there and start pulling shots.

Feature photo credit: ChefSteps

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