October 18, 2016

VIDEO: Why Cup Different Roast Profiles?


Imagine cupping green coffee. Now imagine it wasn’t a terrible accident, but a way to learn more about roasting.

That’s exactly what Tom from Sweet Maria’s did.

He took a Panama Finca La Camiseta and cupped it at different roast profiles, all the way from green to City+. It started out as a response to the trend for light roasts, but ended up as what he describes as a valuable training tool.

He also filmed the cupping, sharing his thoughts on the smell (more and more bitter as the coffee gets lighter), brewing parameters, and profile (gradually more wheat-like). Spoiler alert: green coffee tastes like playdough (Play-Doh for the Americans here).

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In short, green coffee might not be appetising – but cupping it is a useful learning tool. It’ll help you understand what happens during the roasting and why it’s so important.

Feature photo credit: Sweet Maria’s

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